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We are a digital agency like no other. Unmatched in pace, innovation and problem-solving, we pride ourselves in digitizing businesses. WeDigitize solutions.

Are you an agency looking for that innovative concept for a digital campaign, that will keep the smile on your client’s face? Or are you outsourcing work from an agency, and you’re looking for a twist of conceptualization, we’re here to assist.

About Us

WeDigitize is a digital agency like no other. An agency that is well aware of the rapidness of advancement in the 21st century, but not only that, the founders are hell-bent on staying ahead of the curve and informed. Problem-solving is at the core of what WeDigitize does.

So what does WeDigitize do, you may ask. We are a boutique, on-the-go agency that specializes in digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, web & app development. Our flexibility grants us the opportunity to produce quick turn- around times for all the projects we take on.

We want to humanize the digital age by assisting businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently. The work that we do prompts us to always be informed about what’s current as we follow international best practices and standards.

We love and understand data too – but we understand that in order to build meaningful connections with people we need to use data responsibly and purposefully. We’re passionate about deriving actionable insights from data.

Have a communication or digital problem you want us to solve? Connect with us and we’ll digitize your business.

Our Philosophy

We live and breathe digital. Our philosophy is a simple one: we’re passionate about innovation, nation-building through entrepreneurship and technology. We have an altruistic and empathetic approach in how we go about doing our dealings. As much as we love problem-solving, we prioritize people first with the understanding that our work has an effect on people, directly or indirectly.

Our approach in how we move, work and connect with people is a hybrid of lean thinking and design thinking. We assume a lean thinking approach in ensuring that we optimize our processes and systems to increase customer value, and designing thinking in how we approach and solve some of the complex problems we come across.

Being an on-the-go, boutique digital agency requires a lot from us considering the pace at which digital moves but we still find time to have balance – time to see the bigger things life presents to us.

Our services


Content Marketing

They say content is king and we couldn’t agree more. Content is an asset, one that businesses need to invest in to grow their client base. Our team is well-versed in the best practices of content marketing and inbound tactics to best communicate with your clients.

Email Marketing

The prevalence of email may have decreased, but email is still one of the most effective forms of communication which your business can take advantage of. Email marketing is one of the most exciting forms of marketing. Keen on building highly engaging email marketing campaigns? Talk to us!

Pay Per Click Advertising

Internet marketing is more competitive than ever before. With the playing field swelling with different players, it’s becoming ever-important for businesses to establish authority in online searches. Our PPC strategies can help you filter through the noise and get more customers. We specialize in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that there is a way you can get traffic without paying a cent? If yes is your answer, SEO is your solution to getting more traffic to your site through the use of keywords. We have tried and tested strategies that generate impressive results. You only pay for the work we put in so you can get free organic traffic. Talk to us!

Social Media Marketing

Social media connects people. It does not only serve as a tool to connect people but also a place where your customers are hanging out. We create highly engaging campaigns that can live and thrive on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we have you covered.

Web Development

Websites are the engine of the internet. Businesses are forced to have a digital home as everything becomes digital. Our agency can build you a digital home that you can be proud of – highlighting the unique selling points of your business.

Custom-built Surveys

Surveys are a great way to gather insights from your clients. They serve as a great research tool to better understand people as people, indirectly and directly, are at the center of every business, system or process. We build highly-engaging surveys crafted perfectly to draw out the insights you need.

App Development

A large amount of people are accessing the internet through their phones and getting information through their mobile devices. Apps are a great way to engage with people and not only that, but also create meaningful experiences. We build top-class apps that will fit your business needs.

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